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Arts in the Digital Alley

February 28, 2011
Arts in the Alley's new website!

Arts in the Alley's new website!

Since 2008, I’ve been partnering with Offering, a Richmond, VA based non-profit band, to capture their amazing Arts in the Alley (AITA) initiative in photos. Through two iterations, AITA has literally taken me around the world and back, with the first being held right here in downtown Richmond and the second in a migrant worker neighborhood in Beijing, China. The events’ focus is to take a normal run-down alley, spend a day cleaning it up, and then a second day painting beautiful murals; all while throwing a vibrant arts festival with music and visual art. The idea is that this will not only serve as a fun, creative weekend for those in attendance, but also crime rates have been proven to decline when an urban area is revitalized, so there’s a lasting positive effect as well.

The newest AITA is coming up on March 12-13, and in preparation for the next event, Offering’s band leader, Jeanine Guidry, asked me to design a new website that could operate as a great place to showcase the work that’s been done before, but also serve as a digital staging ground for volunteers at new AITA events; all while trying to capture the vibrant spirit of the events themselves in the design. (read more…)

Adding to the Riot

February 17, 2011

Finger Pickin'

I’ve been working with Richmond, VA based band A Good Natured Riot since Firefly Imageworks started about five years ago. Throughout that time, we’ve collaborated on a number of shoots, a website, two album designs, and I even shot their drummer’s wedding!

Recently, the band welcomed two new members however, and with that comes the need for website updates and new promo photos, so I packed my camera up and hung out with the band as they practiced, recently. Despite said drummer not being there – off recouping from whatever this wintery plague that’s been going around is – I really like how the shots came out.

We’ll be working more in the near future I’m sure, but for now if you’re a fan of good bluegrass/folk/awesomeness, you should really come out and see them around the RVA area sometime, or pick up their album. They ain’t too shabby at all. (read more…)

The Fall of Flash

August 22, 2010
Updated for the Future

Updated for the Future

It may not look like it, but over the last week, this little website has gone through a number of changes under the hood in the name of purging Adobe Flash. But why? I mean, Flash has long since been the bastion of higher functionality and animation on the web, after all. Well, put simply, it seems times are changing.

For a long time, it’s been a slow and sluggish technology on most platforms (particularly Macs). As such, it had become a hated medium for many designers who crave speed and strict adherence to web standards, but choosing to go without it always meant a loss in potential functionality for your website. Quite the pickle. (read more…)

Websites + Weddings

June 8, 2010
Keagan & Michelle

Keagan & Michelle

It’s summer-time, and as you know, that means it’s wedding season! One of the big things Firefly does throughout the summer is document the biggest days in the lives of our clients. But that’s not all. The days leading up to the big day often include a number of other things: engagement photography, designing custom invitations and programs, and any number of other things that merge the photography services we offer with the myriad of other services we offer – giving you a one stop-shop for so many of your wedded needs.

Recently, I’ve been thinking over how to integrate web design into all of this. The benefits are immediately obvious. (read more…)

Back in town + 3DM

April 20, 2010

3DM's new site and promo video

Wow, so it’s been a whirlwind of a week having gotten back from Kenya and reopened shop just yesterday. There’s a lot of catching up to do from the month gone, not to mention tons of photos from the trip and finding a way to break them down for all to see via this blog.

For now though, I wanted to share the work I did with 3 Dimension Ministries just before I hopped on the plane back in March. In the two months leading up to the trip, I collaborated with them on a rebranding of their image, and in the end I’m really quite proud of it. It included a redesign of their website (which was then coded by their current provider SiteOrganic) business cards, postcards, book covers, letterhead, folders, name badges, and – most prominently – a video presentation for the main page of their website. (read more…)

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