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March 9, 2009

A Good Natured Riot's new website

I met Jeslyn Vaughan, the lead vocalist of A Good Natured Riot, not long into this whole idea of starting a business back in 2006, and it was in talking with her and getting to know the rest of the band that I soon realized how much fun it was to work with musicians. There’s a lot more creativity and, while there may be pre-conceived notions of what music imaging is supposed to look like based on genre, you’re always free to be open and encouraged to re-define and push boundaries. Fellow artists get this and fellow artists like this. That’s how we roll.

I had the pleasure to work on the second iteration of the band’s website in the past week. Long withstanding from my initial 1996 version was the ability for the band to update show listings themselves. That’s there now, complimented with a new, sleeker aesthetic. I don’t think I really pushed any artistic boundaries with this, but it’s always fun working with aGNR, and look forward to more collaborations to come!

In other news, I shot more photos with little Avery Paul on Saturday. It was a more official setting this time, incorporating lighting and with our minds set on artistic baby photography. What I learned (or think I learned) was that good baby photos don’t happen as a result of planning: they just happen. (read more…)

OMGz! New Website!

March 4, 2009

So, wow guys, after weeks upon weeks of conceptualization, coding, copy-writing, learning WordPress template design, and MORE… the new site is finally here and launched. If you’re reading the time on this post, it’s obviously late/early, and I’ve been up late again polishing this thing off for its debut.

So check it out! I mean… you obviously are already, but it’s all pretty much brand new across the board. The various portfolios under ‘services’ are a little thin as of now, but the hope is they’ll fill up soon and quickly if I remember to add new content from time to time. Also, this is the official launch/unveiling of the client login system that’s been running for a few months but was never fully integrated into the website itself. BIG Thanks go to Joe Donahue and his technical wizardry for partnering with me in developing that pretty much from scratch. It still has a few kinks here and there as well as a few more updates we’re still planning on implementing, but its pretty rockin’ right now too! (read more…)

Client Login Updated!

February 27, 2009

Have I mentioned this site is taking forever and a HALF to nail down like I’d like? Well it is.

The good news is I just finished taking the client login system that my good pal Joe Donahue and myself have been collaborating on and got it up to snuff. I started when I woke up yesterday morning, and just got done. I’ve literally done nothing but sleep for 4 hours and attend small group aside from working on this thing. I should eat. (read more…)

One Giant Leap

February 23, 2009

So, I think I may have finished this WordPress template. It seems pretty solid so far, but it’s certainly devoid of color. I’m hoping the as-yet-unadded photo reel in the upper corner will rectify that, but we’ll see.

If nothing else, this post marks the first use of the WordPress iPhone Application! Woooo-eeee! Blogging has never been easier on the go (not that I’ve done it before). If you’re reading this, then count it as one more reason this iPhone gadget is revolutionary.
So what do you guys think so far?

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