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Maikel, Jennifer, & My Poor, Misty Eyes

April 6, 2011

Maikel & Jennifer

You might recall that in December, after three weeks of shooting video and photos in Africa, I got stuck in Belgium for four days due to some pretty crazy winter weather. Well, odd as it may sound, this unfortunate delay is where the story of my most recent wedding shoot began, and through a series of unplanned and fortuitous events, that delay inevitably led me to to Ellicott City, MD on a beautiful Sunday in March. Funny how things work out.

My flight had been delayed until the 25th. That morning, I was meant to take a taxi from the hotel Continental Airlines put me up at in Brussels. I’d already felt a bit put out by the prospect of flying home four days late on Christmas Day and missing time with family while in the air, but just to make matters worse, the taxi never showed for its scheduled 8:30am pickup. The hotel Concierge called the taxi company, fussing frustratedly on my behalf in French, but it was no use. With an hour and a half until boarding time, I had no taxi nor any idea how else to get to the airport on the snow-covered Brussels streets. (read more…)

Price + Weaver Wedding

September 28, 2010
On Cloud Nine

On Cloud Nine

Barb Price had been a pal of mine for a few years, but even so, I was enormously flattered when when she came to me a while back to tell me not only her tale of meeting the perfect guy, Jason Weaver, but also that she had her eye on me for shooting the eventual wedding. Barb’s a ridiculously cool gal with a bit of an artistic bent, so to say the least this was enormously flattering. We set to work on setting up an engagement shoot and gearing up for the big day. That day, was this past Saturday – September 25, 2010 – and what an incredible day it was.

For starters, the weather was pretty much flawless. I say “pretty much” because the whole point of a September 25 wedding was to have a slightly cooler fall day to do things with, but at a toasty ninety-three degrees, things didn’t exactly work out that way. Still though… slight complaint, and everything else went off without a hitch for the outdoor ceremony at Winterham Plantation in Amelia, VA. From the flowers to the location, to the wedding favors, everything was meticulously planned and gorgeous, and even still, the whole day had an air of a laid back, stress-free day in the country – an attitude mirrored in every person I ran across. Great times. (read more…)

Websites + Weddings

June 8, 2010
Keagan & Michelle

Keagan & Michelle

It’s summer-time, and as you know, that means it’s wedding season! One of the big things Firefly does throughout the summer is document the biggest days in the lives of our clients. But that’s not all. The days leading up to the big day often include a number of other things: engagement photography, designing custom invitations and programs, and any number of other things that merge the photography services we offer with the myriad of other services we offer – giving you a one stop-shop for so many of your wedded needs.

Recently, I’ve been thinking over how to integrate web design into all of this. The benefits are immediately obvious. (read more…)

Nate, Amy, & My Poor Flippy-Floppies

August 2, 2009
Color Coordinated

Color Coordinated

A couple days ago I had the privilege of shooting the wedded union of Nathaniel Ball and his new wife Amy, and seriously… these kids know how to throw a party.

As I laid out my suit and tie, and buffed my shoes to a mirror shine, I recalled that this was to be a more casual affair. I called Nate up, and my suspicions were confirmed: my normal, full-on three-piece suit would probably stand out. Flip-flops would be a little more appropriate. And that’s just what they got.

Until I had a blow out halfway through the ceremony and was forced to shoot the rest of the night barefoot. No worries. haha

Aside, from this little snafu however, the night was really amazing. A forecast that called for showers ended up only producing slight and sporadic rain, and the payoff was a brilliant rainbow over the lake at Arbor Landing that helped make for a really lovely portrait. There was an open bar until 2am, and I got to take the night off and socialize with new and old friends around midnight. (read more…)