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Many Hopes: A Story Worth Sharing

October 16, 2012

Above is the video I just had the pleasure of producing with the rest of my team in the Many Hopes’ DC Chapter. Give it a spin, then have a read below. Its a rare moment when a job became more than a job, and if you’ll follow along with me, you might find something worth investing in too.

Life, boiled down, is the collection of stories we choose to get caught up in. Be they faith-based, relational, occupational, or whatever combination it may be, we tend to enter into the stories that compel us most; that we not only get the most out of, but we can be of the most value to as well. For me, Many Hopes’ story is definitely that. In it, I found a bit more of myself within a story worth investing in. A lot in. (read more…)

The Five Homes Named Hovde

January 21, 2012

One of my most exciting collaborations of last year was photo and video work with the Hovde Foundation. I first met their Executive Director, Jeffrey Boyd, through One Home Many Hopes where he saw the video work I’d done for them and thought my style would be a good fit for Hovde’s efforts as well.

Those efforts? The building of homes for orphaned, abused, and/or abandoned street children in Latin America and Africa. They’ve built five so far, partnering each time with incredibly inspirational people and organizations on the ground. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting and shooting four of their homes (Kenya and Rwanda in 2010 and Ghana and Mexico in 2011). In fact that one blog I’ve done since April was about the trip to Ghana. A video for Sunwest Bank, showcasing the employees that helped with the construction of the home there, also materialized not long after. (read more…)

A Week in Ghana | Hovde, Sunwest, + Challenging Heights

September 16, 2011
Ghanian Fishing Boat

Ghanian Fishing Boat

A couple weeks back, as I was literally in the middle of a morning of cleaning up debris leftover from a tree that fell on the studio during Hurricane Irene, I received a pretty wild email from Jeff Boyd at the Hovde Foundation. He was in Ghana and had a number of volunteers from Sunwest Bank flying in to help build a home for children there. Having enjoyed the work I did on a quick video showcasing the house the Foundation helped build in Kenya, Jeff asked if I was available for a week photos and video production work in Ghana starting that Friday. Pretty last second stuff, eh? Well, after checking my schedule, apologizing the clients who’s work I’d have to delay a bit, and lucking out when it came to getting a Ghanian visa in time, I was on my way.

Once on the ground, not only did I have the privilege of getting to know an entirely new country on the western side of Africa, and making a number of new friends in the amazing team from Sunwest, but I was also able to get to know more about the amazing work James Kofi Annan and his organization, Challenging Heights, was doing to end child-slavery in the country.

You see, in Ghana, despite its illegality, the impoverished conditions so many live in lead to parents selling their own children to fishermen for around $40. For the most part, parents do this with the fisherman promising to teach the child a trade and suggesting a better life and future for the child, so in addition to the financial benefit, many parents believe they’re doing what’s in their child’s best interest. Still some do it merely for the benefit and the alleviation of responsibility too. The reasons are varied, but well-intentioned or not, these children end up in a situation that leads to tremendous psychological and physical abuse and far too often death. (read more…)

Motion Photography in the Alley

March 19, 2011

Having been involved with the event twice before and even recently built their website, this past weekend saw me venture out to be a part of the latest Arts in the Alley, this time in Church Hill… though not as much as I’d have liked. Leading into the event I’d seen a number of late (4am) nights working on a variety of projects and even a (pretty darn amazing) wedding in Newport News, VA  on Saturday night. All told, whereas I’m usually an Arts in the Alley staple, I only got to be there for about a quarter of it this time out. Sad times.

So, with my good friend Jaime Patterson having been shooting still photography the entire time, I decided to use the hours I was able to attend to do something a bit different than i’d done before: namely, make a video. So it was with a dash of determination and a complete lack of steady-cam equipment that I set out and made what is posted above, and even though I debuted this on Facebook yesterday, I figured it was worth a blog post as well. Let me know what you think!


OHMH | Be Unreasonable 2010 Video

September 8, 2010

Yep, here it is. Five months after staying at and working with orphanage Mudzini Kwetu in Kikambala, Kenya, One Home Many Hopes‘ (OHMH) fall drive to raise funding for building a school is about to begin, and with that comes the first fruits of the cinematographic labor of Graham Marley and myself. Thus, it’s with great excitement that I share the three and a half minute promotional video that will be one of the centerpieces of this year’s campaign. Take a look! (read more…)

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