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More Than This | Album Design + Release

February 22, 2010
Offering's newest album, More Than This

Offering's newest album, More Than This

Recently I had the privilege of working with Jeanine Guidry and Offering on developing album artwork for their latest release, More Than This. Not only is the title of the album a track in and of itself, but it’s also an expression of the band’s overarching philosophy of music becoming more than just an end in and of itself. Offering uses their talent as a melodic vehicle to spur social action against the hunger and degradation of the human condition here at home in Richmond as well as abroad. You may recall that they’re the same band I accompanied to China for our work in the migrant communities there, for instance.

To express this idea, I had the thought of a record that had something more growing out of it. I settled on vines so as to keep the feel as organic as possible to accompany their acoustic style as well as communicate a feeling of ‘new life’. Thus you have imagery of a record that spins and as it spins these vines grow outward and spin wildly about into their own tales and stories. (read more…)

Eikon | Kairos Shirt

November 19, 2009
Kairos Moment Art

Kairos Moment Art

Been awhile since that last blog, and while I don’t feel like I’m writing two Eikon blogs in a row, well.. seems I am. There’s more varied things coming soon though. Promise.

For now though, I figured I’d share a shirt design I developed for Eikon. To really get it though, It might need a little elaboration. It’s based on a diagram of a “kairos moment” which is something we as a community have been using as a tool for understanding how God can more effectively interact in our lives and what that looks like as a process. (read more…)

Eikon Bulletin | September 13

September 14, 2009
The Untold Story

The Untold Story

Eikon is a community I’ve been involved with for the past year. With a name that, translated from the original Greek means “image reflectors,” its a new kind of church that approaches the weekly rhythm of Christian worship with a fresh perspective; meeting once a month for a large community worship service, and spending the other three to four weekends of the month, meeting as smaller Missional Communities (MCs) with a specific missional purpose. My MC, for instance, has a focus on meeting the needs of the less fortunate within Richmond, VA.

For each of the group’s monthly gatherings, I’ve taken on a key role in developing the visual presentation of the service. With services being less-frequent its easier to treat each one with a particular degree of specialness – a specialness that should (and does) filter down into even the tiniest of details. (read more…)

Cartooning Amidst the Madness

March 17, 2009

Character concepts for EVP

Character concepts for EVP

Wow. Busy week. And I already feel like I’m getting behind on blogging. The original idea was to try to update this thing every couple days. No dice so far. Here’s hoping.

Speaking of busy weeks however, it’s been one of meetings, administrative work, meetings, and – on occasion – photography and design.

The examples this week are few and far between, but that’s really because none of the projects got finalized. I took large strides in getting closer to what Ironbridge Baptist’s logo will be. Worked on a logo for the historical bar Alewerks (located in Williamsburg). A couple other logo designs and some photography with my Aunt Monica too. (read more…)

Good Natured

March 9, 2009

A Good Natured Riot's new website

I met Jeslyn Vaughan, the lead vocalist of A Good Natured Riot, not long into this whole idea of starting a business back in 2006, and it was in talking with her and getting to know the rest of the band that I soon realized how much fun it was to work with musicians. There’s a lot more creativity and, while there may be pre-conceived notions of what music imaging is supposed to look like based on genre, you’re always free to be open and encouraged to re-define and push boundaries. Fellow artists get this and fellow artists like this. That’s how we roll.

I had the pleasure to work on the second iteration of the band’s website in the past week. Long withstanding from my initial 1996 version was the ability for the band to update show listings themselves. That’s there now, complimented with a new, sleeker aesthetic. I don’t think I really pushed any artistic boundaries with this, but it’s always fun working with aGNR, and look forward to more collaborations to come!

In other news, I shot more photos with little Avery Paul on Saturday. It was a more official setting this time, incorporating lighting and with our minds set on artistic baby photography. What I learned (or think I learned) was that good baby photos don’t happen as a result of planning: they just happen. (read more…)

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