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June 8, 2010
Keagan & Michelle

Keagan & Michelle

It’s summer-time, and as you know, that means it’s wedding season! One of the big things Firefly does throughout the summer is document the biggest days in the lives of our clients. But that’s not all. The days leading up to the big day often include a number of other things: engagement photography, designing custom invitations and programs, and any number of other things that merge the photography services we offer with the myriad of other services we offer – giving you a one stop-shop for so many of your wedded needs.

Recently, I’ve been thinking over how to integrate web design into all of this. The benefits are immediately obvious. Having a custom built website for couples is a great place to show off personal and engagement photography, share the story of the relationship in as elaborate or simple a manner as you like, allow a resource for all sorts of information (date, time, location/maps, etc), and even potentially allow for people to RSVP for their wedding online (if you’re the cutting-edge, non-traditionalist type that is).

As I start to really put some thought into this, I realize I’m still an unmarried guy, so I probably lack the personal experience to completely think through what would be ideal options for this. So I’m opening up the discussion to everyone. I’m open to any thoughts you might have, from potential options, to price points… anything at all.

As far as when I’ll start to offer this, honestly, it’s something I’m willing to tackle immediately (if you’re reading this and keenly interested), but the discussion is more getting a feel for what’s desired, so i can be more educated as I put together some final package options – packages I’m sure will be ready well before the start of the 2011 wedding season.

So yea, folks… thoughts? Thanks in advance!

  1. DJ,
    Obviously I had to look at this… 🙂 I think the website thing is a great idea. To charge for it, however, you’d have to offer something more than what websites like and offer, which are free. One thing I’ve always wanted to do if I had the time or expertise in web design would be to have a website offering online wedding coordinating with one-on-one online availability of a coordinator plus all the goodies you mentioned. Anyways, feel free to email me anytime if you want to chat more about it from a coordinator and past bride’s perspective. I think its a great idea!

    Comment by Kara Govoni | June 8, 2010 at 11:44 am
  2. Good thoughts… I’m going to hit you with an email. Thanks!

    [ADDITION] I suppose being this is the public discussion, I should say what I emailed about, right? Basically, what i’d offer would hopefully be a lot more advantageous and ideal than what any free options might offer. Not only would you get full customization of the site (we can go from a previously made template design, customize a template design, or build a site totally from scratch), but you’d also have full consultation/access to the designer, and any ideas and additions you might want or need wouldn’t be limited at all. Additionally, if engagement photos are done with Firefly, there’s no fees to purchase the digital rights to use as many of those in the design as you like. Top all of that off with a custom URL the reflects the couple and doesn’t contain any unnecessary ‘knot.coms’ or otherwise, and I think I’d be aiming to offer something that is head and shoulders above the ‘free’ competition (or otherwise) in terms of quality and features.

    Comment by DJ Glisson II | June 8, 2010 at 11:52 am

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