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The Five Homes Named Hovde

January 21, 2012

One of my most exciting collaborations of last year was photo and video work with the Hovde Foundation. I first met their Executive Director, Jeffrey Boyd, through One Home Many Hopes where he saw the video work I’d done for them and thought my style would be a good fit for Hovde’s efforts as well.

Those efforts? The building of homes for orphaned, abused, and/or abandoned street children in Latin America and Africa. They’ve built five so far, partnering each time with incredibly inspirational people and organizations on the ground. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting and shooting four of their homes (Kenya and Rwanda in 2010 and Ghana and Mexico in 2011). In fact that one blog I’ve done since April was about the trip to Ghana. A video for Sunwest Bank, showcasing the employees that helped with the construction of the home there, also materialized not long after.

Las Hermanas

Las Hermanas

Tomorrow, I board a flight to visit the fifth home in Peru, but before that, the first substantive fruits of the storytelling work I’m doing is coming to bear. The video above is hot off the press and features Eric Hovde himself, sharing the history, personal stories, and guiding philosophies that inspire and guide the the work his Foundation does. Give it a spin!

Below are some previously unshared photos I took in November when I visited the home in Mexico City. A collaboration with Programa Niños de la Calle (PNC), the home itself is nothing short of incredible and was the first Hovde House to be built. The kids there, all former street children, were entirely too much fun to hang out with and photograph (even despite the language barrier). Additionally I had a chance to visit one of the locations around the city that PNC rescues children from as well as the headquarters they bring the recently rescued children back to to clean, feed, and rehabilitate. As is always the case with these trips, it’s so amazing to meet real, courageous people working tirelessly to heal the brokenness that at times seems so pervasive. The staff at PNC are truly among the best of us, and between themselves and the incredible folks at the Hovde Foundation, they’re taking some of the most heartbreaking stories and turning them into some of the most inspirational. Healing indeed.

Let me know what you think of the video and the photos in the comments below! There’ll be more to share really soon of Peru and the stories I’ll encounter there.

  1. what a wonderful story! vwhat a compelling video! mesmerizing, how well explained and produced… stunning. I showed this to my wife and at the end came the request “AGAIN, AGAIN” we were compelled to watch it again right then!

    Comment by don g | February 17, 2012 at 6:28 am

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