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Next Up: Relocating to Alexandria, VA

January 29, 2012
Bags are packed. Ready to go.

Bags are packed. Ready to go.

You read that right. After six amazing years developing brands, editing videos, taking photos, and having fun doing it all with some of the best clients and friends a guy could ask for, the time has come to take this Firefly show two hours north to Alexandria, VA, a mere stone’s throw away from the District of Columbia.

Why? Well, basically, over the last two years, I’ve found I’m collaborating with more and more clientele based in or around the nation’s capitol, and with that, my network in the area has been growing immensely both professionally and personally alike. One day, not long ago, it dawned on me that I was spending more time having meetings and/or working on location in DC than I was in central Virginia. Often my drives home were merely to work at my computer on footage or photos I’d generated up there, only to head back again a week later (or less). Given the time it took to travel and the gas money spent, it seemed a move was the best way forward.

So that’s happening, but for existing clientele (and friends) in central VA, I’m sure that leaves a few lingering questions: mainly how will it effect our various relationships going forward? I’m hoping not much at all. Sure, personal meetings at Starbucks or Panera may take a hit in frequency, but the fact is I still have some of the best friends I’ve ever known and one of the best families I could ask for living in the Southside of Richmond. Put simply, I’ll be in the area a lot. Additionally, if we’re in discussions or I’m already under contract to do a photoshoot with you (like a wedding, for instance), you needn’t worry about additional costs for travel. Our agreements will be the same as they would’ve been had I never left.

And that’s really my goal overall when it comes to clients in central VA: it should feel eerily similar to what it would have been had I not left at all. I figure between only being physically two hours up the road and coming back often to visit various friends and family, this is something I should be able to pull off with but a little intentionality and proper scheduling. Let’s see how it goes.

Thanks to everyone who’s been a client or friend of Firefly for these past six years. It’s been an amazing adventure, and this transition is going to be a really exciting next step. Please continue to touch base about possible projects you have in mind. Photos may require a little extra gas, but design and brand development will be just as snappy as ever!

I’m looking forward to continuing the relationships we’ve had, and am excited to develop the ones to come. Thanks for being on this journey with me, guys.

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