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More Than This | Album Design + Release

February 22, 2010
Offering's newest album, More Than This

Offering's newest album, More Than This

Recently I had the privilege of working with Jeanine Guidry and Offering on developing album artwork for their latest release, More Than This. Not only is the title of the album a track in and of itself, but it’s also an expression of the band’s overarching philosophy of music becoming more than just an end in and of itself. Offering uses their talent as a melodic vehicle to spur social action against the hunger and degradation of the human condition here at home in Richmond as well as abroad. You may recall that they’re the same band I accompanied to China for our work in the migrant communities there, for instance.

To express this idea, I had the thought of a record that had something more growing out of it. I settled on vines so as to keep the feel as organic as possible to accompany their acoustic style as well as communicate a feeling of ‘new life’. Thus you have imagery of a record that spins and as it spins these vines grow outward and spin wildly about into their own tales and stories.

Last night, I was able to attend the album release party, and was able to take a few shots while on hand. The lighting wasn’t the best thing ever, but I think I made do pretty well. Additionally, the band honored me with a commemorative plaque for my work on the album – something that’s pretty humbling because at the end of the day, I’m just doing my job. Feels great to know it means that much to people though.

Below is a gallery of photos from the show as well as some images of the album art that was developed. Additionally, if you’re interested in picking up the album itself, it’s not only a great creative compilation of various covers the band plays live – containing some wonderful reinterpretations of the classic tunes – but also will go to aid the bands ongoing efforts in the local community and around the world. So it’s new music AND you can feel like you’re giving to a bigger story! Do it.

To purchase a physical copy of the album (and this get your hands on my own work via the full album art design), contact the band directly via their website,, or buy one at any of their upcoming shows around Richmond, VA. To purchase it digitally, click here.

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