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Price + Weaver Wedding

September 28, 2010
On Cloud Nine

On Cloud Nine

Barb Price had been a pal of mine for a few years, but even so, I was enormously flattered when when she came to me a while back to tell me not only her tale of meeting the perfect guy, Jason Weaver, but also that she had her eye on me for shooting the eventual wedding. Barb’s a ridiculously cool gal with a bit of an artistic bent, so to say the least this was enormously flattering. We set to work on setting up an engagement shoot and gearing up for the big day. That day, was this past Saturday – September 25, 2010 – and what an incredible day it was.

For starters, the weather was pretty much flawless. I say “pretty much” because the whole point of a September 25 wedding was to have a slightly cooler fall day to do things with, but at a toasty ninety-three degrees, things didn’t exactly work out that way. Still though… slight complaint, and everything else went off without a hitch for the outdoor ceremony at Winterham Plantation in Amelia, VA. From the flowers to the location, to the wedding favors, everything was meticulously planned and gorgeous, and even still, the whole day had an air of a laid back, stress-free day in the country – an attitude mirrored in every person I ran across. Great times. (read more…)

OHMH | Be Unreasonable 2010 Video

September 8, 2010

Yep, here it is. Five months after staying at and working with orphanage Mudzini Kwetu in Kikambala, Kenya, One Home Many Hopes‘ (OHMH) fall drive to raise funding for building a school is about to begin, and with that comes the first fruits of the cinematographic labor of Graham Marley and myself. Thus, it’s with great excitement that I share the three and a half minute promotional video that will be one of the centerpieces of this year’s campaign. Take a look! (read more…)

The Fall of Flash

August 22, 2010
Updated for the Future

Updated for the Future

It may not look like it, but over the last week, this little website has gone through a number of changes under the hood in the name of purging Adobe Flash. But why? I mean, Flash has long since been the bastion of higher functionality and animation on the web, after all. Well, put simply, it seems times are changing.

For a long time, it’s been a slow and sluggish technology on most platforms (particularly Macs). As such, it had become a hated medium for many designers who crave speed and strict adherence to web standards, but choosing to go without it always meant a loss in potential functionality for your website. Quite the pickle. (read more…)

Photoshoot | Justin + Katie

August 17, 2010
Justin + Katie

Justin + Katie

Earlier this summer I had the immense privilege of waking up at 4am and driving into the middle of nowhere to hang out with Justin Gibson and Katie Tingen. I’ve known Justin and Katie for awhile, and for about two years we’ve bandied about the idea of just doing some photos of the two of them to have. As a couple who’s been together for six years, they certainly deserve it.

The two of them had staked out some amazing fields, a broken down building and a few other locations (with and without rows of corn), and we spent the better part of three hours exploring and shooting some truly remarkable photos in some beautiful, sprawling landscapes. Amidst all of this I played around with quite a few variations on different lighting setups that, coupled with some creative edits, provided a variety of looks for them to choose from. But don’t take my word for it. I’ve attached a small sampling of the nearly 800 shots to come of that morning below. Give ’em a look below! (read more…)

Live Performance Video + Photography

June 11, 2010

Being that I do a lot of work with bands shooting live photography, and ever since I picked up Canon’s 5D MkII DSLR, I’ve been trying to think through how I can blend still photography with these new fangled HD video capabilities I’m carrying around. The goal being to still shoot amazing live photos but simultaneously produce a video product that’s would be worth something to the musician. (read more…)

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