To be honest, we're still working on realizing the fullness of this vision, but the goal is for Firefly Imageworks to become a fully integrated team of creative professionals. For now though, we're a group consisting of one main artistic director, and a handful of collaborators. Get to know them a little better below.

DJ Glisson, artistic director

As of now, if you're interacting with Firefly Imageworks, this is the guy you're interacting with. DJ has been creating artwork since he sold drawings for a quarter to schoolmates in grade-school. Originally an illustrator solely, his fascination with computers and technology eventually led him to want to color his creations on the computer. This led to understanding of Photoshop, Illustrator, and eventually branched further into more of Adobe's Creative Suite - allowing him to bring his visual eye into the digital realm with graphic design and web design. It was graphic design that soon became frustrating as he would find himself leaning on Google's Image Search far too often for sub-par photography to fill his layouts. This led him to purchase his first digital SLR and four months later, friends pointed out to him that he had a particular panache when it came to photography as well. Soon after, film and video production followed suit, and once graduating as a Communication Arts major from Eastern Nazarene College, DJ began Firefly Imageworks to market his many skills and build the foundation of a future team of creative professionals.

Joseph Rose, collaborator, audio+video

A graduate of Howard University, Joseph majored in film while at the same time developing his varied gifts as a musician. Consistently looking for ways to improve himself and his craft, Joseph's skills never fail to impress, and bring a wide and varied knowledge of film, video production, and audio mixing/recording to the table. Add to that his knack for pulling all of these elements together into a final cohesive, polished piece and you'll understand why we're happy to have him around.

Jaime Patterson, collaborator, photography

Since the age of five, Jaime has been fascinated by all things artistic. Her siblings and mother were either artists or writers, and she longed to find her own niche. Going from ballet to acting and finally settling on writing, she tried to capture her unique view of the world around her. After writing her first book at the age of seven and penning a few poems here and there, she wanted to try her hand at photography. She would grab disposable cameras and fill them up with images documenting anything that caught her eye. Consistently complimented on her ability to make the everyday seem extraordinary, she began investing more time and energy into honing her craft. A ten day trip to China in 2005 further propelled her desire to pursue photography, and she has not turned back.

Don Glisson, collaborator, sign+paint

It's DJ's dad, and as such, the senior collaborator of the group. Don has a long and varied artistic history, mostly centering around illustration, signs and sign painting long before the computer was even considered as a viable tool for large scale communication. In the mid-nineties, he expanded his workflow to include digital sign creation, vinyl lettering and application. That said, nothing can ever trump the beauty and authenticity of anything painted by hand - and he sure can deliver, all with professionalism and a warm smile.

Joe Donahue, collaborator, web development

Joe is the man when it comes to Web Application Development. He's the chief architect behind our client gallery login system, and has the creativity and resourcefulness to develop just what's needed for any dynamic occasion, An old college buddy of DJ's, Joe prefers to compose and create using a medium of code rather than a camera, but that doesn't stop him from photo-blogging his every move on Facebook and Flickr. A computer programmer, youth pastor, musician, and Guitar Hero Rock Legend, Joe lives in Maine with his wife and two children.

Gene Chaffin, collaborator, photography

Gene is our go-to guy for a good laugh and is pretty clutch when you need a good photo too. He's only been in the game for a couple years, but his skills seem to get better every single time he picks up his camera. You can usually find Gene backing us up on wedding photography - taking shots and adding to the overall festiveness of any event by his very nature.