So what's the bottom-line anyway? This is a tough one to nail down for so much of what we do. In creating unique solutions for each client's specific needs you run across such a wide variety of factors.

Need a website? Well, how many pages? Need an additional blog structure or e-commerce? Want some real pizzazz with Flash animation? If so, how much or how little? Or how about a logo? Do you need a hand-drawn cartoon character incorporated? How many colors? Should it have the ability to animate?

You can start to see how it can become difficult to nail down a cost before talking about the specifics of your unique project. The good news is there is no consultation fee to talk over your project, figure out what it needs, and give a quote based upon what we come to. Additionally, it's our aim to be as sensitive and flexible as we can be with your budget, and we really want to do what it takes to make what we do fit with what you want to spend.

That said, there are a few areas where it's a little easier to nail down costs ahead of time. See below for a list of prices we can offer right away. If what you need is not listed however, contact us with as specific an idea of what you need done as possible, and we'll work with you on coming up with a price that will work for your project.