pricing | basic photoshoot

We know, the term 'basic' denotes the bland. The status quo. The same-old thing. But at Firefly, we aim to re-define what you think about 'basic' — bringing par-for-the-course photography into the realm of the extraordinary and adding upon our unique definition of basic with a host of additional options for editing, printing, and design that will make your final images stand out from the crowd.

Basic Photoshoot - $300 - Be it in our own studio or on location, we show up with camera in hand, and for up to three hours, we shoot as many shots, with as many outfits, products, locations, and creative situations as we can stuff into our time together. These rates also apply to concert and special event photography.

Basic Headshots - $150 - Are you an actor in need of the perfect headshot? Stopping by our studio will get you a basic headshot, edited for production, and a copy of the final digital master file complete with rights for personal and promotional printing.

Photo Editing and Customization - This is what can really make your images sparkle, but it's difficult to nail down a price. Simple edits will be included with the shoot itself, but additional artistic editing can incur extra cost based on the degree of editing needed to achieve what's needed. Contact us to let us know what you have in mind, and we can can work up a custom quote.

additional options

High Resolution Digital Masters - $200 - You may decide you want to purchase the digital masters of your images for your own archiving and printing. You'll receive each original resolution image as a low-compression JPEG image (or optional TIFF or RAW as requested) all burned to DVD for personal use.

Overtime - $100/hr - After discussing how expansive your shoot will be, we can determine the correct number of hours that will allow us to fully capture what you need. If you feel that the three hours of included coverage is not sufficient, you can purchase additional time as needed.


We don't include photo prints in our photography packages. "Blasphemy!" you may declare, but we prefer to offer the flexibility of choosing what prints you want afterward based on the shots you actually get as opposed to locking you into specific printing options beforehand. Crazy, we know. All this said, however, if you are still in need of a printing package to accompany our photography services beforehand, we can work together to work up a package custom fit for you.
Wallets (sets of 4) - $5
3.5x5 - $2
4x5 - $2
4x6 - $2
5x5 - $5
5x7 - $5

additional items - available upon request

Need a proof portfolio? Custom Designed Photo Memory Book? Canvas Gallery Wrap? Custom Framing? We do it all, but the prices vary depending on what you want to do and how you want to do it. Be sure to ask us about anything your heart desires and we'll work up a custom quote for you based upon your unique project.

travel expenses

We're currently located just south of Richmond, VA in the city of Colonial Heights, and try our best to cover as wide a local area as possible without any additional costs for travel. That said, once you're in a car for 50+ miles, you start to realize you're not in Kansas anymore. When traveling beyond 50 miles, travel expenses are added to the overall photography bill. We'll work with you to keep these as low as possible - we just love sleeping on couches after all - but be sure to mention this so we can talk about applicable arrangements and costs.